Google Merchant Center Setup & Creation

Google Merchant Center Setup & Creation

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Course Description: 

Ready to promote your products online? Your Google Merchant Center account is the first step to featuring your products in Shopping Ads campaigns. It may be the unsung hero of Google Shopping and is often over looked by many people but it can actually help you run better shopping ads and campaigns.

Drive more sales and revenue for your brand across paid (and unpaid) channels on Google. Creating the best Merchant Center account is the first place to get started. You can increase you conversion value, get insights and learn about product trends. Plus you can increase the quality of traffic to your ecommerce store with the right GMC account. Our course is going to walk you through everything from A to Z about your Google merchant center account and how you should set it up. This may not be the most sexy part of running your shopping campaigns but it can help you run a more profitable business. 

Topics Covered:

  • How to set up your Google Merchant Center (GMC) from scratch
  • Common issues and misconceptions about what GMC is for 
  • Live demo & walk through of how we look at a GMC account
  • Learn the 4 major reasons why your GMC accounts get disapproved
  • Step-by-step guide to the 29 reason your SKUs get disapproved
  • Automatic improvements: What it is and why it shouldn't be underrated
  • How to set up account settings to make sure your data syncs correctly
  • How to navigate & understand shipping and returns
  • The 4 stages of Free listings setup: why you need to set up all 4 to run
  • Diagnostics tab: why this should be your daily stop each weekday
  • Learn why Message Archives should be checked regularly
  • Get access to beta features for brands outside USA using Manage programs with GMC 

What's Included:

  • A collection of video tutorials (45 minutes in length)
  • Google Merchant Center Setup & Creation Slide Deck
  • Bonus content:
    • Merchant Center Disapprovals Guide
    • Merchant Center Recovery Guide